HRV’s Guide to Successful College Baseball Recruitment: 10 Essential Steps

  1. Self-Discovery and Planning: The Starting Point
    • Begin by understanding your expectations and talents with guidance from family and coaches. This crucial first step shapes your journey and determines which schools to consider.
  2. The Dedication Game: What College Baseball Demands
    • Explore the commitment required for college baseball – early practices, workouts, games, and travel. Understand the workload, comparable to a full-time job depending on your division.
  3. “Know Yourself, Create Your List: Identifying Potential Colleges
    • Understand your player identity, create a target list of potential colleges considering academic, social, cultural, and athletic aspects. Align your aspirations for the next four years with the institution.
  4. Proactive Engagement: Don’t Wait, Take Charge
    • Initiate contact with coaches; don’t wait for them to find you. Consistently follow up on communications and interactions to drive your recruitment journey forward.
  5. Early Bird Gets the Win: Starting the Recruitment Process
    • Start the recruitment process as early as possible. Being proactive is crucial in the highly competitive landscape. Research two to three schools weekly to stay ahead.
  6. “Showcase Your Skills: Filming Your Skills Video
    • Film and showcase your skills through an online video. This visual representation becomes a powerful tool in presenting your abilities to potential coaches.
  7. Social Media Savvy: Building Your Baseball Profile
    • Create a dedicated social media account highlighting your baseball achievements. Utilize platforms like Twitter and Instagram to establish an online presence in the baseball community.
  8. Initiate Contact, Evolving Lists: Communicate and Update
    • Reach out to coaches through letters or emails. Keep a dynamic list of 50 potential schools based on athletic and academic criteria. Continuously update as your preferences evolve throughout the recruitment process.
  9. Complete Questionnaires and Visit Unofficially
    • Fill out questionnaires and plan unofficial visits to potential schools. Attend recruiting camps and showcases post-school season to further enhance your visibility.
  10. Building Relationships: Follow-Ups Matter
    • Establish and maintain relationships with coaches through regular follow-ups via phone calls, letters, and emails. This ongoing communication is key in showcasing your commitment and dedication.


  • Coaches assess beyond skills; your character matters.
  • Start communication early; it’s never too soon.
  • Be aware of coach response rules based on divisions.
  • Choose schools matching your needs to avoid missteps.
  • Stay vigilant about important deadlines for a successful recruitment journey.