8 Initiate Contact, Evolving Lists: Communicate and Update

Reaching out to coaches through email is a crucial starting point. Initiating contact is like tossing the first pitch in a game; it sets the tone for the entire match. Think of it as sending a friendly “Hello” to potential teammates and mentors who can guide you toward your baseball dreams.

Now, let’s talk about creating your school list. Imagine it as building your dream team, but this time, the team is made up of colleges that suit both your love for the game and your academic goals. You want a lineup that’s strong both on the field and in the classroom.

Start by jotting down 50 potential schools. It might sound like a lot, but this list is like a draft – it’s not set in stone. As you move through the recruitment process, your preferences might shift, just like a player adjusting their grip on the bat for a better swing.

Think of your list as a living, breathing document. A school you initially thought was a home run might not feel like the perfect fit as you learn more. Maybe a lesser-known school turns out to be a hidden gem, a diamond in the rough, waiting to be discovered. It’s like finding that unexpected favorite snack – surprising but oh-so-delicious.

Remember, the key is to keep updating your list. Baseball games have innings, and your recruitment process has stages. What seemed like a grand slam in the first inning might not be the best choice by the seventh. Stay in the game by regularly revisiting and refining your list.

In baseball and recruiting, adaptability is your strongest play. Just as a skilled outfielder adjusts their position to catch a curveball, you’ll tweak your list based on your evolving preferences and the changing landscape of recruitment.