The Recruitment Journey Beyond September 1st. A Message to Parents and Players

Now that the September 1st date has come and gone, we have some thoughts on how it will affect your daughter.  All the Twitter (X) and Instagram posts celebrating a “Happy September 1st” really grabbed our attention, and we felt a need to comment on it.

Not receiving a recruitment call on September 1st can indeed be disheartening for both a parent and a softball player, especially when seeing how many others are discussing. However, it’s important to remember that the recruitment process is complicated and not getting that call on a specific date should not be cause for discouragement.

Here is the thing ,while September 1st marks an important date for D1 coaches to initiate contact with high school juniors in the United States, we know it doesn’t signify the end of recruitment opportunities. Coaches often have varying schedules and priorities, and many factors can influence their outreach.

Every athlete has their unique journey. Some players may receive early offers, while others may need more time to develop their skills to get noticed. Not receiving a call on September 1st doesn’t determine an athlete’s ultimate potential or chances of landing a scholarship.

Softball players should use the absence of a call as motivation to continually improve their skills and to keep getting better. The recruitment process extends beyond a single date, and consistent effort and dedication can catch the attention of coaches at any time.

Lastly, instead of dwelling on missed calls, it’s advisable for both parents and players to initiate contact with college coaches. Sending personalized emails, attending showcases or camps, and reaching out with updates on achievements and progress can demonstrate a player’s genuine interest and dedication.

Please remember, not getting that call on September 1st may initially be discouraging for parents and softball players, it should not define their journey. The recruitment process is crazy and difficult. Persistence, continuous improvement, and open communication with coaches can all contribute to a successful recruitment experience.

Keeping a positive mindset and understand that timing is just one factor among many will help parents and players navigate this often complex and competitive process with resilience and determination.

As always, if you need anything from either of us, please contact at anytime!  We are here to help!