Success Stories

Being successful is what we all want out of our athletic career. In our continued efforts towards success, we love to share success stories of recruits IN THEIR OWN WORDS!

Read, share and if you have or know of a success story with athletic recruiting, please contact HRV and we will post for other athletes to read!


Our journey has been fun and stressful all at the same time. As parents, we always want nothing but the best for our kids. From the time she began travel ball 6 years ago, it seemed we kept following the carrot that was always left dangling in front of us. New to the scene, coaches always talked about D1 schools, and insistent that this was the direction to pursue.  Being we didn’t know any better, we listened and followed their advice. We moved teams quite a bit, as one after one promised their intent for exposure and boasted about their connections with college coaches. Shame on us for not educating ourselves properly earlier in the game, as we spent so much money in start up fees and gear for every team. We literally stayed on one team that changed organizations 3 times, only to fall apart at the end. Luckily, throughout our moving around, we were advised of your skills video and researched what you did for the girls. With the uncertainty of our moves, and questioning ourselves if we were doing right by our daughter, the skills video seemed to be the best tool for our daughter to use while reaching out to coaches via emails. She was diligent in emailing a minimum of 3 coaches per week. We also attended clinics that the colleges would put on, which would give her opportunity to show her skills in person and have the opportunity to speak with them. It was just after her last team dissolved, that we received a call from another parent, telling us that the CSUSB assistant coach had seen her video and wanted to see her come out and play with his travel ball team. After the games, he talked with us aside and said he would like her to come to another game, which we did, and she was asked to be a permanent player there after. 

The difference in this team vs prior teams, was this was a coach involved in the development of college talent. From the start, the responsibility was lifted from us by the coach, and placed on my daughter. Being a parent that had tried to do everything for her, with the hopes she would get exposure, was told to let go and trust the process. This was the best advice I was given. Today, I still watch how parents get involved, complain about a lack of play time, etc. And all that rings in my head is “trust the process”. I had no expectations from the coach at that point, and allowed my daughter the opportunity to develop under his instruction. From then on, I was just the parent there to watch in support of her, and it was her performance only that would give her the playing time or not. 

It seemed we were down to the wire, and I wondered if she would even get picked up, or be heading into her Senior year wondering what was in her future after graduation. Just after the season ended, she received the call of offer from the head coach of CSUSB, which was life changing for her while going through the uncertain times of Covid. 

In hindsight, there are some things I wish I would have done different. With that said, here is some advice. Educate yourself early in the game. There are colleges that put on clinics for the parents to attend, that provides great information. D1 is not the only option for these girls. Who cares where they play, as long as they get to play the sport they love while getting a good education for it. Get a skills video and have them email the YouTube link out to colleges weekly.  Don’t fall for the coaches looking for the win over the development of your girls. Don’t follow teams to remain with friends or clicks. This is for your daughter, and not a parent social club. Find that coach that has technique and accountability for the players, and holds them responsible to it. Teach them to be humble, no matter what!  And as a parent, TRUST THE PROCESS!  

I’m extremely grateful for the skills video, as that was the one thing that caught the attention of the right person, and afforded her the opportunity to play the sport she loves for another 4 years.