Thank you for showing interest in HRV Personal Recruiting Guidance.

Stacey has over 13 years of experience promoting players and getting them to the next level. Stacey will be your “personal trainer” for college recruiting. Starting NOW is the key.

She will be personally reaching out to coaches on your behalf. Stacey will email coaches off your list and in addition to your list contact her contacts as well.

She will make sure you are doing your back end homework as well. For example, emailing on your own and showing you how to write a proper email.

She will guide you through the whole recruiting process until your daughter is committed.

By using Stacey as your personal recruiting advisor, if you have game footage, she will put a game footage highlight tape together as well that is included.

We will talk about the SAT and the ACT. We will discuss visits to college campuses (unofficial and official). Do you have an NCAA clearinghouse # yet? Lets get one. We will discuss online questionnaires and why they are important.

There are limited spots available each graduation year. We only take serious inquiries, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

1. Weekly routine management and with Bi weekly expectation follow through
2. Motivation to keep pushing through when times get tough
3. Non-Judgmental Support from start to finish
4. Personalized Program for each player
5. Learn relationship building techniques that will last a lifetime
6. ACCOUNTABILITY – No hand holding, we have the same expectations from a 14 year old as we do a 40 year old.

To inquire about pricing, please text Stacey at (818)601-4017 for further discussion. Good luck on your journey, and we hope to see you at the next level!