Happy New Year 2023

Hello HRV alumni past and present! As the year 2022 comes to an end and a new year begins, Stacey and I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. We predict great things happening for all of the players who have filmed with us.

With that being said, we wanted to send off some final advice about emailing college coaches that can hopefully start your year off with a bang!

During the year we speak with hundreds of players and their parents about the college recruiting process. A lot of times the first question that comes up is in how to directly contact the college coach. Because there are so many social media platforms, its tough to weed out the best app. One thing we still know is the coaches generally will prefer a direct contact from the player via email rather than from a parent.

At times I can read emails sent from me from a player’s email address and I can tell that the parent was the author. This could be a red flag. We want to make sure that our players are actively engaged in the process and they are accountable for their own recruitment.

When writing the email no matter the division it is important that they are directed to the college and they want to have a video attached or linked so they can see the player’s ability.

The subject line is important. Be sure to list graduation year, defensive position, player name, and travel team they play for.

Make sure that everything is spelled properly it says who the player is, what high school they attend, and how the player feels they will help the college. Try to avoid writing about what you have accomplished but rather write how you feel that the college will help you after you are done playing softball and how it will impact the rest of your life.

Be sure to list the positions you play and your GPA. Grades matter and putting that information into your email is important. Make sure you are putting your travel ball information, the coaches contact info for your travel team and any other personal trainers you have, i.e. pitching coach, hitting instructor, catching coach etc. You can also take the time to mention the university, the city of the university is in, and maybe even the conference the are in. Make sure you input words such as us, we, and our instead of me, myself, and I.

I hope this information reaches you well, and I wish all players and parents a Happy New Year and an amazing 2023.