Thank you for showing interest in HRV Recruiting Guidance. You can also view a video about the membership HERE

We are going to be your “personal trainers” for college recruiting. Starting NOW is the key. We will discuss Social Media and how to market yourself the proper way.
We will show you how to email & contact coaches. This includes DM’s. As a part of that, you will need to target a prime list of schools. This itself is a $100 Value. We will in turn, provide you a complete contact list with your top 30 schools to help track proper communication and follow up. It is important that they (the schools) meet your athletic and academic requirements. We can help guide you through this important step. We will discuss phone calls and how to make them.

We will talk about the SAT and the ACT. We will discuss visits to college campuses (unofficial and official). Do you have an NCAA clearinghouse # yet? Lets get one. We will discuss online questionnaires and why they are important.

Being open and honest about your skill level is crucial! If you have a hard time catching up to a 60 MPH riseball Pac 12 or SEC schools may not be in your cards. Everything is individualized. Player age, position, skillset and where they want to continue their education all will play a part.

There is no contract. Membership is MTM (Month to Month) Please submit dues by following the link below. Text Eric @ (661)586-3647 for more details and how we can help through the process.

1. Weekly routine management and with Bi weekly expectation follow through
2. Your top 30-50 College coach email addresses with follow up spreadsheet.($100 VALUE)
3. Motivation to keep pushing through when times get tough
4. Non-Judgmental Support from start to finish
5. Personalized Program for each player
6. Learn relationship building techniques that will last a lifetime
7. ACCOUNTABILITY – We hold the players accountable for their recruitment. No hand holding, we have the same expectations from a 14 year old as we do a 40 year old.