Thank you very much for filming with us.  We are a few steps away from releasing the video to the public!  If you are happy and ready to proceed, please click APPROVE .  Please Note: If you request changes after submitting approval, a $50 fee will be implemented.

Read through the bullet points below.  It is important we are thorough and get every detail done perfectly.

1. Please review the link.  Make sure your WI-FI is on and the brightness of your phone is all the way up. This is the same link you will use to send coaches. It is also what you will put on other 3rd party recruiting websites.(NCSA etc) Check the spelling in the introduction, if the link is approved and later changes are made a $50 charge will apply due to additional editing.

2. Do not put link on social media unless you have officially approved the link.  If you purchased emails, click HERE for instructions, or text player name to (661)586-3647 and Eric will help with details.

3. Please allow up to 24hrs if changes are requested. Don’t forget to share link on Social Media (The more views the better!). If posted video anywhere on Social Media please tag @Horvatrecruitingvideos

***Please note if you are a 2022 or 2023 with no prior coach communications at this time we highly recommend sending to Division 2, NAIA and D3

**If team name (Cover) needs to be changed in future please contact Eric ($50) (661)586-3647

*You have up to 24 Hours to approve your link

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